This is a series of annual meetings which aim to display the research diversity of computational mathematics in Maryland, Delaware and vicinity.

Delmar Numerics Day 2019 will be held
on May 11, 2018 from 9:00am to 5:50pm
in MTH3206 (colloquium room, 3rd floor of the Math building a.k.a. Kirwan Hall, see map below)
at the University of Maryland, College Park
Static condensation, hybridization and the devising of HDG methods
Bernardo Cockburn (University of Minnesota)

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Abstracts of all contributed talks

 9:00 BREAKFAST (will be provided)
 9:30 Omar Lakkis (University of Sussex):
Saint-Venant's shallow water equation on rainy days: modeling, analysis, numerics
 9:50 Wenbo Li (U of Maryland, College Park):
Computation of nonlocal minimal graphs
10:10 Deepanshu Verma (George Mason University):
External optimal control of fractional parabolic PDEs
10:30 Abhijit Biswas (Temple University):
Infinite time solution of numerical schemes for advection problems
10:50 BREAK
11:20 Juan Pablo Borthagaray (U of Maryland, College Park):
A structure-preserving finite element method for uniaxial nematic liquid crystals
11:40 Shuo Yang (U of Maryland, College Park):
LDG method to large bending prestrained plates
12:00 Wujun Zhang (Rutgers University):
A rate of convergence of numerical optimal transport problem with quadratic cost
12:20 LUNCH (will be provided)
 1:30 Bernardo Cockburn (University of Minnesota):             KEYNOTE SPEAKER
Static condensation, hybridization and the devising of HDG methods
 2:30 BREAK
 3:00 Shukai Du (U of Delaware):
Projection-based analysis of HDG methods with reduced stabilization
 3:20 Ahmed Zytoon (U of Pittsburgh):
Low-order Raviart-Thomas approximations of axisymmetric Darcy flow
 3:40 Giuseppe Vacca (U of Maryland, U of Milan):
Virtual element method in the presence of curved edges
  4:00 BREAK
 4:30 Nawaf Bou-Rabee (Rutgers University Camden):
Numerical methods for sticky diffusions
 4:50 Gideon Simpson (Drexel University):
Sampling from rough energy landscapes
 5:10 Xiaofeng Cai (U of Delaware):
A high order semi-Lagrangian discontinuous Galerkin method coupled with Runge-Kutta exponential integrators for Vlasov simulations
 5:30 Muruhan Rathinam (UMBC):
Homogenization theory for random walks on graphs
  5:50 END


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Scientific Committee

Ricardo H. Nochetto (U of Maryland, College Park)
Petr Plechac (U of Delaware)
Francisco-Javier Sayas (U of Delaware)
Tobias von Petersdorff (U of Maryland, College Park)